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Want To Smell Like Marilyn Monroe?
My DNA Fragrance is the company that’ll put (famous or not) dead people DNA in a bottle and call it perfume! At one point (preferably... Read More

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Audrey Tautou Chanel No.5
You know, the word in the industry is that the Chanel No.5 face has been replaced. No more Nicole Kidman. The future in under French... Read More

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Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Collection Fragrances
First of all, let’s get some things cleared up here – we all know who Gwen Stefani is (or at least that’s the presumption I’m... Read More

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Evangeline Lilly Lost in Fragrance for Davidoff Cool Water
The first two seasons were completely electrifying for me. Then they kinda “Lost” me and I came back now for this season, waiting episode after... Read More

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Marc Jacobs Splash Collection – Sorbet Fragrances
I guess it’s his special way of delivering a message for a special friend… Marc Jacobs enriches the Splash collection with three new fragrances –... Read More

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Hermes – Un Jardin apres la Mousson
Because this site is about personal experience, today I wanted to share yet another one with you. And this time it’s about a perfume –... Read More

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Givenchy Contracts Justin Timberlake
News Flash – If you believed there was something out there to put a stop at celebs involving in fashion, well, there’s no point in... Read More

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Comme des Garçons 8 88 Gold Scent
I just had to tell you about this perfume! It sounds just like the perfect joke, but it’s an authentic perfume nevertheless! Sooo – it’s... Read More

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