Hermes – Un Jardin apres la Mousson

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Because this site is about personal experience, today I wanted to share yet another one with you.

And this time it’s about a perfume – Hermès “Un Jardin après la Mousson”. Few years back I went a lot with floral scents and one of my perfumes at the time was “Un Jardin en Mediterannée” – quite special, I would say, and refreshing (especially in summertime). It was a scent came from a two-series, the second one was named “Un Jardin sur le Nil”. Now I find out they added a third one, and I was curious what it’s like.

Hermes - Un Jardin apres la Mousson
The official announcement said it’s about a region in India named Kerala, renowned for its spices:

“In India, your senses are arrested everywhere, you have a desire for calm. This was the idea of après la Mousson. While India abounds in colors and noise, with this fragrance, one has a moment of rest.”

So how about it? Have you had any experience with the “Jardin” series? Or maybe you just got the idea to try them out now?
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#1 gretchen kelly on 02.18.09 at 11:30 pm

Many scentophiles hate it but I was fascinated because it smells like a gin, tonic and lime I had once on the terrace of a house in Northern Thailand. Also like markets in Vietnam, like a rainy day I spent in the ancient city of Hue. Spice, coconut milk, heat and wet palm fronds.

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