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Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson Is Engaged!
Ah! Nothing like a little Family Talk on a beautiful Sunday morning, huh! (we’re invited at a wedding ourselves this blessed Sunday, so twice the... Read More

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GQ Puts The Outstanding Denzel Washington On The October 2012 Cover
All the years you’ve know me, you’ve never seen me talking about men in vain. I don’t do that. I can chatter about women and... Read More

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Zac Efron’s BlackBook Cover (Fail): Pockets Full Of Bunnies
The October / November issue of BlackBook Magazine is very Halloween appropriate! For all of you out there with a sweet tooth for Zac Efron,... Read More

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Is This World’s Most Expensive Brown Paper Bag: Jil Sander $290 Vasari Bag
You know, as much as I love a good handbag, I always say to myself that sometimes, the price of a (undoubtedly pretty) bag is... Read More

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Men Must Wear: Bow Ties
Before this, I only saw one use for bowties: headbands. Every bowtie I could get my hand on, was following the same path, ending somewhere... Read More

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Aaron Paul, Garrett Hedlung, Idris Elba, Taylor Kitsch And More
Quite the title, huh? Don’t hold it against me, but I’m in a movie spree lately. Which, with four kids under 8 around, doesn’t even... Read More

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Batman’s Bane Wears Belstaff Jacket, Catwoman Wears Mugler Suit!
You know, against all controversy (or maybe precisely because of all that’s surrounding the new Batman movie), this is one of the flicks you’ll want... Read More

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Must Try Haircut: NASA Mohawk Made Famous By Bobak Ferdowsi
My dahlings, as you may have probably heard, NASA launched a little robot to Mars. Curiosity landed successfully on Mars and the people at Mission... Read More

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