Batman’s Bane Wears Belstaff Jacket, Catwoman Wears Mugler Suit!

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You know, against all controversy (or maybe precisely because of all that’s surrounding the new Batman movie), this is one of the flicks you’ll want to see this year.

Firstly because it’s director Christopher Nolan’s last installment of the Batman trilogy and well… I could add more but going around the Aurora tragedy is really difficult. Even today I heard that someone was caught with weapons in his / her possession at a Batman screening. There’s something about this trilogy, I can tell that much!

But let’s keep it about fashion, shall we? Bane! (have you seen the latest Batman? “The Dark Knight Rises”? because the last thing I want, is to spoil the fun for you!) Have you seen what Bane is wearing in this Batman movie? Or Catwoman, for that matter?

Dark Knight Rises Batman Bane and Catwoman costumes

Bane has this slimy, sleazy wardrobe. Because, you know, it’s hard to imagine him taking a shower with that thing on his face / body. And also, he should come across as a tough individual, timeless and fashionless, let alone lawless. Belstaff’s jacket does that for Bane. And that Ermenegildo Zegna Shearling Coat – lookalike (it’s actually a Swedish unnamed shearling coat) adds a bit more than just fashion oomph: adds a few extra inches Tom Hardy needs to look more on top of the Batman situation.

the jacket worn by Bane in Batman from Belstaff

What? You didn’t know it was Tom Hardy? That colossus of a man that Bane’s character is supposed to be is a very pumped up Tom Hardy! Which was actually challenged to a ring meet up with a very real – life boxer who was impressed by how Tom Hardy piled up muscle mass for this Batman movie! Mad, huh?

Bane s Shearling coat in Batman Dark Knight Rises

And Catwoman was dressed by Mugler! Because Thierry Mugler is the only design house that’ll really compliment a woman’s waist and hips. At least according to the movie’s costume designer, Lindy Hemming. She also mentioned, in a GQ interview, that each of Catwoman’s (Anne Hathaway) costumes could come from a movie of their own.

Now, besides that good ol’ fashion talk (supported by Collider‘s movie posters) – there’s an entire Bane movie scene missing from the official screening! Not that the movie was short as it is (brace yourselves if you haven’t seen it yet – it goes on for 165 minutes! And the end brought tears to my eyes, so it’s worth hanging in till the last second!) But if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll still have the feeling that there’s more to the Bane puzzle than the movie tells you.

Catwoman s suits designed by Mugler

And you couldn’t be more spot on since there’s an entire segment about the becoming of Bane that’s missing, being cut by the director. Hopefully, he’s saving it for the Blu-Ray? Oh, and you should also be aware of Barack Obama’s favorite Batman character: Catwoman. He said, as quoted by Huffington Post:

“She’s spectacular. I got a chance to see Batman, and she was the best thing in it. That’s just my personal opinion. She’s young, she’s hot and [Oscar voters] like her.”

Spoiler, much?

Batman s Bane complicated mask explained in cut scene

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