Aaron Paul, Garrett Hedlung, Idris Elba, Taylor Kitsch And More

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Quite the title, huh? Don’t hold it against me, but I’m in a movie spree lately. Which, with four kids under 8 around, doesn’t even mean that I get to watch all the movies I feel like watching. Au contraire.

And that may just be the reason I’m continuously movies – thirsty. And that’s a good thing, right? So, The Young Actors of Our Generation as seen by Esquire Magazine are: Aaron Johnson (Savages), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Armie Hammer (Mirror Mirror), Garrett Hedlung (Tron: Legacy), Idris Elba (Thor), Taylor Kitsch (John Carter). I know that you’ll find at least one of them suitable for the “movie star” label, so which one is it? (do hit the jump to see some of the images proposed by Esquire)

Next Generation of Hollywood Stars

Idris Elba s Esquire next generation star

Taylor Kitsch Esquire next generation star

Aaron Paul Armie Hammer Esquire next generation star Aaron Johnson Garrett Hedlung Esquire next generation star

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