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Sharon Stone And Her Bad Dior Karma
You know that sometimes bad things happen to good people.. like earthquakes (like the one from China)… Well, I guess bad things happen to bad... Read More

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Sartorialist Does London
In case you were hoping for it to happen, your wishes were granted and Santa.. ahem.. Sarto is going to London. And aside from the... Read More

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Gen Art Styles 2008 And Botox Project: Sweat Free
Drawing attention to one of the most embarrassing (so they say) subjects it’s now a social event at New York’s Hammerstein Ballrom. I haven’t noticed,... Read More

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Marc Jacobs Ad Campaign Billboard
I’m imagining that even when the advertised product is a brand, it’s still a product. And that advertising needs a message. A message that’s supposed... Read More

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Lancôme Vs Uma Thurman, Uma Thurman Vs Lancôme
As much as I hate trials, this very invasive one is getting on my nerves. Lancôme sued Uma Thurman. In self defense, Uma Thurman sued... Read More

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Brands Addiction Rehab Center
Besides having a quality issue with several products on the market, I’m usually a non-brand person. Meaning I don’t buy just for the label’s sake... Read More

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Haute Couture Mass Destruction – Peter Gronquist’s Revolution Will Be Fabulous Exhibition
Remember that Monogramouflage madness? Well, I just found the perfect match! I just can’t get enough of it, in fact! It’s so derisory, it’s so... Read More

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Miley Goes Vampire For June’s Vanity Fair
These days, everybody’s talking Miley. Miley and her Vanity Fair photos. Miley and her so-called indecent photos by Annie Leibovitz. Miley and her official apologies... Read More

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