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Naomi Campbell Does Mixte In December-January 2009 2009

I used to buy this magazine. I liked it for not being Vogue-ish. It was like an in-between standards magazine but very stylish at the same time. Now I haven’t bought Mixte for years now and finding Naomi on the cover of the December/January 2008 2009 issue of Mixte magazine makes me wonder…

Is Mixte becoming Vogue-ish? Or is Naomi covering all the flanks in her black beauty fight? Either way, I’m glad she did this Mixte because it’s honest, colorful and simply gorgeous. They say “Long Live the Supermodel” and that’s what it is. She’s a Super. She doesn’t need a special reason to be in a magazine, right? She’s Naomi. Her character flaws and bad temper don’t transgress the paper but her beauty does. Doesn’t it? (photos via tfs)

Naomi Campbell Mixte magazine December January 2008 2009 cover

Naomi Campbell Mixte magazine December January 2008 2009 6 Naomi Campbell Mixte magazine December January 2008 2009 5 Naomi Campbell Mixte magazine December January 2008 2009 4

Naomi Campbell Mixte magazine December January 2008 2009 3 Naomi Campbell Mixte magazine December January 2008 2009 2


Cindy Crawford Does Vogue Paris In November 2008

The word has been spreading fast – Cindy Crawford in a fashion editorial! It’s the age of the supers! And after Christy, she came in close as a favorite, so here’s the Vogue Paris pictures with Cindy Crawford!

Have to have my word about the images, anyway… It’s a beautiful woman. In great shape. I would’ve loved to see more of her than swimsuit or underwear pictures, matching with cheap looking skirts. She’s hardly doing pictorials anymore, so it would’ve been great to take full (and beyond) advantage of this situation.. Do you think the pictures showed all there could have been done with Cindy Crawford? (photos via tfs)

Cindy Crawford Vogue Paris November 2008

Cindy Crawford Vogue Paris November 2008 1 Cindy Crawford Vogue Paris November 2008 2 Cindy Crawford Vogue Paris November 2008 3

Cindy Crawford Vogue Paris November 2008 4 Cindy Crawford Vogue Paris November 2008 5 Cindy Crawford Vogue Paris November 2008 6


Stephanie Seymour Covers UK Harper’s Bazaar In November 2008

Covering November’s Icon Issue from UK Harper’s Bazaar gracefully poses Stephanie Seymour in a gorgeous Versace dress. It’s a multicover issue – two instances of gorgeous Stephanie are to be released, both with the same Versace dress but signed by two British artist – Peter Blake and Marc Quinn. They were asked to embellish a number of 50,000 collectors covers with Swarovski crystals (200 gems).

Pictured below is the Peter Blake’s version, all stars and glitter. And Photoshop. (more pictures after the jump)

Stephanie Seymour UK Harper s Bazaar November 2008 Peter Blake cover

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Stephanie Seymour In French Numéro 97 October 2008

There are models. Then there are supers. Seems like Stephanie Seymour aims for another level of superness – The Seymour-ness!

Also, I have to point out that the supers go black and white for almost every single photo shoot. To me, the black and white photography is like the royalty of photography. Can’t do better, can’t go artsy-er. The cover isn’t that seducing, but the inside spread is completely breathtaking, even if I completely dislike the nails jewelry she displays on numerous pictures. It’s not about being thin, it’s not about being flawless (even if, for her age, Stephanie is uber flawless). It’s about having an attitude, something extra-model-esque. Stephanie Seymour doesn’t present clothes, she constructs herself with the clothes she wears. Take a look and tell me what’s missing from the new model generation and what’s keeping them to reach superness! (photos via tfs)

Stephanie Seymour Numero 97 October 2008 cover

Stephanie Seymour Numero 97 October 2008 02 Stephanie Seymour Numero 97 October 2008 03 Stephanie Seymour Numero 97 October 2008 04
Stephanie Seymour Numero 97 October 2008 05 Stephanie Seymour Numero 97 October 2008 06 Stephanie Seymour Numero 97 October 2008 07
Stephanie Seymour Numero 97 October 2008 08 Stephanie Seymour Numero 97 October 2008 09 Stephanie Seymour Numero 97 October 2008 10


Jourdan Dunn Is The New Naomi Campbell?

Naomi Campbell’s retirement is no secret to anyone. She’s made it clear, repeatedly, that she only stayed that long because of the overall white catwalks.

She who was supported by her fellow supermodels back in the days, the girls refusing a catwalk appearance unless Naomi came along, is preparing herself for a gracious career as a mother. Rumors about who will get to wear the Naomi crown started to fly from all four corners of the fashuniverse.

Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn Issa catwalkAfter the Fashion for Relief charity catwalk auction, Chanel Iman was suspected to be the chosen one. She appeared alongside Naomi, wearing the same Azzedine Alaia dress as Naomi’s, in white. Well, this time, for the Issa show, part of the London Fashion Week, Naomi flanked the designer Daniella Issa Helayel on one side and on the other all smiles and braids was none the other but Jourdan Dunn.

Who’s the next Naomi, then? Do you think she should have a contest-show “The Next Naomi” and choose a fresh face?


Sea Break – OMD Sailing On The Seven Seas

All day today I got this on my head. I have heard it on the radio and just couldn’t take it out of my system. That rhythm, those words! And now this clip!

When I watch it, I get the feeling it’s so fashionable, so visual, I almost can make a fashion shoot out of it! Anyway, it just brightens my day! Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark, shortly OMD with Sailing on the Seven Seas from Sugar Tax, 1991. I know it wasn’t featured on a movie soundtrack (and how unfair that is!) but today the kids watched Finding Nemo and I just couldn’t post that song (again) so I chose another one sea-themed. Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy this OMD Sailing on the Seven Seas, after all, it’s in the nineties trend!


Helena Christensen GQ September 2008 By Guy Aroch

That supermodels frenzy got me thinking about Helena Christensen. Why? Simply because we don’t get to see her much since she passed on the other side of the lens…

Ever since she turn photographer, the 39 years old beauty seems to be even more attractive to the public eye just because she’s not the one being photographed anymore. She’s taking pictures. From her musical life to her Danish beauty, Helena seems the same girl who played Wicked Game. Spending her days from one town to another, she still has time to enjoy her son and think about how accomplished she feels as an independent woman, torn from traditional boundaries (why does she sound like a bitter old lady who just didn’t found her perfect match and she lies herself that spending her life with ten cats is just heaven?) Here she goes in GQ September, for your eyes’ delight. Isn’t she gorgeous? (more pictures after the jump)

Helena Christensen GQ Magazine September Cover
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Kate Moss Covers Purple Fashion Magazine

A month without Kate Moss on the cover of a magazine, is no fashion month. Thus, here’s Kate doing Purple Fashion magazine.

Isn’t she lovely? More I look at this cover, more I begin to feel the Tom Ford influence on the pose. Years go by, women pretend equality with men and what better way to prove and sustain that than by standing up, high heeled, with a killer lbd on and a man lying at your feet. Is the supermodels era supposed to bring back the 90s fierce woman too? I was kinda hoping women get in touch with their feminine side and learn to stand up without that dominatrix air. Does this picture work for you?

Kate Moss Purple fashion magazine cover
(photo via ontdff)