She & Him Animated Baby It’s Cold Outside

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This is a wonderful pretext to talk about both Christmas and Zooey Deschanel! It just wouldn’t be Holiday without her singing! And I cross my fingers for her and Joseph Gordon Levitt to cross (artistic) paths once more and do another song together. Remember last year?

Zooey’s She & Him duo with Matt Ward actually produced a Christmas album last year: ‘A very She & Him Christmas’ which even brought them to a sing – along with Conan! But that was last year! This year, She & Him released this beautiful animated video for ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ as directed by Elliot Dear.

I know it was done before, oh – so – many times, but nothing beats the charming awkwardness that is She & Him, or Zooey’s quirky lovely voice! She even sang this before, in a movie, in the shower. With Will Ferrell. Elf: does it remind you of something?

She and Him Christmas

If not that, at least this Frank Loesser & his wife classic original should… It’s cold outside, let’s all stay in, get a hot cup of tea of your choice (I’m at tea right now) and just StyleFrizz together! (wink)

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