David Beckham Undresses To Sell H&M Underwear

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With a wee one at home, we can all understand and support David Beckham for throwing his clothes out the window and exposing himself to the world. In H&M underwear!

It’s true we’ve seen him do it before, for Armani, but I’m sure women worldwide don’t mind seeing him at it again! Just in time for Valentine’s Day 2012! So the details: David Beckham’s bodywear collection for H&M is a lucrative team embarked for a long trip. The first stop is this February, in 1,800 stores worldwide. Hopefully, if the customers are buying the new line, women (and more) around the world will see more of David Beckham sans clothes in H&M’s future ad campaigns! Happy? Sad? Indifferent? (hit the jump to make up your mind!)

David Beckham Bodywear

David Beckham Bodywear collection with H and M

David Beckham sans clothes for H and M David Beckham Bodywear collection ad campaign David Beckham for H M Bodywear collection

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