Dita Von Teese Travels Light. Not.

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I’ve been looking at these pictures for a couple of days already and still feel my eyebrows rising high with amazement! Dita Von Teese was seen landing at the London Heathrow Airport carrying not one, not two but seven large suitcases and two large boxes. Of course there was someone helping the pretty damsel in distress with half of her heavy load.

And even so – whenever you’re packing for a trip (especially since it’s the Holidays season) and start feeling remorseful about stuffing your cases, please keep Dita von Teese’s travelling gear in mind and you’ll most certainly feel better. About yourself, about your suitcases. I’m sure you’re traveling light, no matter what you do! (whenever I promise I’ll pack strictly the basics, I end up wondering if I shouldn’t also bring my favorite pair of sandals.. and my favorite pair of boots also? And my favorite jeans shorts and my favorite evening dresses… just in case? Sounds familiar?)

Dita von Teese travels light not

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