Roncato’s I Love Shopping Luggage

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Do you worry your luggage will be mixed and mistaken with other’s at the terminal? While you’re impatiently waiting for your suitcase, don’t you ever think about getting another’s? or that another person could take your suitcase for his / hers? I sometimes do that. I know I should bring some personality to my luggage, something to make it stand out, to make it unique. And still I don’t. And no, it hasn’t crossed my mind to buy the LV initials suitcase. I mean… it’s effective and stylish but I have my heart set on a car, not on a suitcase with the price of a car…

Long story short: Italian luggage brand Roncato has released a limited edition luggage collection with the prestigious Parisian Galeries Lafayette. The suitcases look deliciously retro and hardly unnoticeable. Want to make a fashion statement? Try the “I love shoppin” suitcase! (seriously, how do you pick your luggage?)

Roncato luggage collection with the Galeries Lafayette

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