Gwyneth Paltrow’s Blowout Vs. The Kitchen

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And that is just one of the “hot” topics Gwyneth Paltrow touched with Steve Stoute during her interview for The Tanning Effect. Which I am now watching for the first time and absolutely loving!

It would appear that stiff celebrities aren’t that stiff after all – we’ve watched Angelina Jolie a while ago talking about herself and her projects and being all charming about it. Now it’s Gwyneth who stole my heart with her candid, joyful way of being. Despite of all the negativity she constantly receives be it for her looks, her singing or her web initiative.

Now about what Gwyneth said – she said her blowout is ruined the minute the kitchen heat touches the back of her neck. And, more importantly, Gwyneth talked about Vogue’s black covers and about teaching her kids to embrace a wide perspective on life, without being narrowed by race / color issues. Loved that! Go Gwyneth! Please watch the video and tell me how you felt about it. About her! (the first two parts can be found here)

“I don’t want to bemoan the fact that it should’ve happened 50 years ago, because it’s here now. And it’s like the way I see it is that I have two little kids who are understanding the world in a time when Rihanna is on the cover of Vogue, and we have a black president. So their eyes are being as if they’re experiencing the world for the first time. All of this stuff is just root — it’s normal stuff for them. And that to me is what’s so incredible.

When my daughter understood what a president was, it was a black man. It’s not like me, where I grew up with all of these old white guys one after another … Their perspective on race and everything is completely open and completely different to how it was when I was a kid.”

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