Lindsey Wixson’s Print Magazine Spring 2012

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When they dropped the news about the notorious fashion online destination Style dot com going for the print, I thought it was a joke. Printed magazines go head over heels to prevent their content from breaking online and an online zine wants to do print?… why would they? (only days ago, the people from Conde Nast pulled back the December 2011 materials from the British edition of Vogue – somehow they were available online against their will so they pushed the legal buttons and everyone stepped back. Life. Online.)

Lindsey Wixson Style com print first issue coverYeah, so back to the Their first ever issue, the Spring 2012 one, has Lindsey Wixson on the cover.

A cover picture that doesn’t work in Lindsey’s advantage.

It’s their first attempt at the printed press, let’s close our eyes and hope the inside content is worth the $14,99 price on the newsstand. Would you pay that much for it?

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