Wear Florals To Blend In

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My undissimulated love for flowery dresses is no secret from you any longer. Dreaming about wearing floral prints in winter thus, by the time summer gets here, I’m having such a flowery wardrobe that would stand tall to a confrontation with a real life blooming garden!

Now when it comes to wearing florals, some think about it as a form of art. At such a point where the fine line between interior decoration and sartorial finesse is no longer. Hereby stylist Damian Foxx to show us that, if used properly, even the unthinkable wallpaper becomes couture-ish! I’m having a hard time choosing one to favor before all others! How about you? (the charming tulips Early Tulip by Sanderson and after the jump: Mariedal in cobalt The Linnaeus collections, Designers Guild, Lily of the Valley by Cole & Son, McGegan Rose by Timorous Beasties and Richmond Park by Zoffany). (via)

Tulips wallpaper

Flowers wallpaper dress

Black wallpaper flowers

Roses on Black background wallpaper

Green flowers wallpaper

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#1 Ellington on 05.01.11 at 2:56 pm

These are rather fun photos and the patterns are rather nifty!

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