Jessica Simpson Gets Her Lucky Photoshop For September 2010

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I know, I know! You’ll tell me what else is new? Photoshop for a magazine cover is just as common as a quick storm in a hot summer day (oh, I wish for rain right now! Instead I’ll just have to settle for some photoshop cold shower).

So who’s the Lucky airbrush winner for the September 2010 cover? Jessica Simpson! It doesn’t look as obvious as that on the cover (because of the writing optically balancing the bubble head), but if you take a look at the photo following right after the jump, you’ll have the feeling (just like I did) that they photographed a bubble-head doll instead of living, breathing Jessica Simpson! How blind are we supposed to be? (via)

Jessica Simpson Lucky September 2010 cover

Jessica Simpson Lucky September 2010


#1 Adriana on 08.05.10 at 5:49 am

I believe there’s a new hype on the interwebs: being anti photoshop. The lucky winner in this case is Jessica Simpson. For other reasons than photoshop: the girl gets attention!! What’s her relevance these days? Is she still big in the US? Just asking.

#2 cc on 08.07.10 at 8:38 pm

She’s one of America’s sweethearts, as far as I can tell. It’ll be a long time before she goes out of fashion, esp. in the South. She’s a downhome, apple-pie, country-singin’ darlin’….

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