Rosie Huntington Does Burberry Beauty Campaign

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Talking about Burberry’s new ad campaign just a while back has brought me to this: Burberry takes the beauty world by storm with their first makeup collection. And the associated ad campaign.

With, none the other than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. (and Lily Donaldson and Nina Porter). I actually love the looks – simple, discreet and natural. There’s not too much makeup, too much color or heavy eyes, well done Christopher Bailey! Too bad for Rosie. A bit of modesty would suit her better than this disturbing arrogance. Sure, she’s pretty, and it would be so much better if we would be the one saying/appreciating it instead of her claiming the crown without any reserves! (via)

Burberry Makeup Ad Campaign 2010

Burberry Beauty Ad Campaign Rosie Lily Nina

Burberry Beauty Ad Campaign 2010

Burberry Beauty Ad Campaign

Burberry makeup collection 2010

Burberry beauty ad campaign 1 Burberry beauty ad campaign 2 Burberry beauty ad campaign 3


#1 Adriana on 07.09.10 at 5:54 am

That Rosie Huntington-Whiteley annoys me, don’t know why……

#2 Nat on 07.09.10 at 8:55 pm

Nina Porter has an amazing boy look.

At first I thought it was a male model, as long as Burberry loves to feature delicate men.

#3 Rob Schneider rules on 07.11.10 at 4:21 pm

Rosie has a great face! Love those straight eyebrows a la Brooke Shields

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