Naomi Watts Blackbook Magazine May 2010

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Now I know why the world is in love with Naomi Watts. Yes, her acting skills are way above average, but I had some issues with her looks. Something in her was just… not on my alley.

But I’m a victim of our times too and I’m giving in to smoke and mirrors before anything else. Naomi Watts has had a Madonna-style makeover and her photo shoot for BlackBook magazine, May 2010, is downright amazing! (the story continues right after the jump with more images! Click here for the gallery!)

Naomi Watts Blackbook Magazine May 2010 cover

Sure she’s doing this because her new movie is already out and she’s on a marketing spree, but who cares right now? I’m not going to go all spoilers on you so I went around the actual BlackBook article, only reading here and there. Since there’s still something in the air from Mother’s Day, I’ll let you in on some motherhood details featured in the interview: Naomi’s wishing a big family because she grew up in chaos and she feels good in chaos. She’s even considering adoption. But from here to her latest movie, she’s practically reviewing her life as an aspiring actress. And that’s not a pretty sight to read, even if interesting.

Naomi Watts Blackbook Magazine May 2010

Getting back to Ruven Afanador’s images: the Madonna style goes perfectly under Naomi Watts skin and the black and white imagery brings a touch of drama and artsyness you wouldn’t find in colored pictures. How do you like BlackBook’s Naomi?

Naomi Watts Blackbook Magazine 2010

Naomi Watts Blackbook May 2010

Naomi Watts Blackbook Magazine May 2010 1 Naomi Watts Blackbook Magazine May 2010 2 Naomi Watts Blackbook Magazine May 2010 3

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#1 Adriana on 05.10.10 at 8:24 am

I do not like this Naomi. This styling bores me. It’s almost mediocre. Do they need to photograph every women and her dog like this? I do like Naomi Watts a lot. She’s a brilliant actress and a likable personality. I like her husband Liev Schreiber too a great actor in the right parts. Looks like a nice family to me, so let it grow…..

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