Lenny Kravitz If You Can’t Say No

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I found myself in a Kravitz craving this week so this really falls like a natural break today! I loved his music since forever, his way of insinuating that guitar under your skin and rock those dread locks of his early days.

Thanking you for this wonderful week, for your beautiful comments, I hope you have the most amazing weekend yet! (and thanks to Ellington for reminding me: Happy Thanksgiving! for those celebrating) Enjoy Lenny Kravitz If You Can’t Say No! (more after the jump!)

This must be my blue week of the year! Just look at the songs I’ve put together for this Friday Break! Still, I think Lenny was greater back in the days! Back when he was rocking his Rasta looks. Come to think of it: his redundant love, faith themes, spiced with models – stuffed videos make me think Lenny too is stuck back in the days.

Yes he’s upbeat and he’s got that rocker style, we could even work him up for the Men of Style column. But there’s something about Lenny that just doesn’t feel right. Or maybe I’m just having issues with the entertainment industry… Nevertheless, the man makes some beautiful music!

Getting back to “If You Can’t Say No”: I believe you recognized Milla Jovovich playing Lenny’s glamorous, glitzy, futuristic girlfriend. Even if it all reminds me of the first Resident Evil movie, I try to get my mind off gloomy things and computer games and concentrate on soul and rock’n’roll. If You can’t Say No was included on Lenny’s 1998 album “5” and it won an award for Best Art Direction. Even though this song is more on the trip side of pop, Lenny remained true to his sound and he still represents as a rock artist. Here comes another good ol’ Lenny with “Can’t get you off my mind” and right after, a James Brown-ish Lenny doing his thing with Diddy and Pharell in “Show me your soul”!


#1 Adriana on 10.10.09 at 7:53 am

Kpriss, agreed. I’ve that same feeling. I still cherish his first album Let Love Rule, it still rulez here. His Lisa Bonet days….that great song Mama Said, with my guitar hero Slash, which is dedicated to Lisa after their break-up.
I admire Lenny for his music skills and how he participate with other musicians. But there’s something about him that annoys me. And then he’s there again to move me a lot with a song that bring back those goosebumps. But never a whole album anymore while he has so much talent….Two years ago (?) I felt again that emotion with that wonderful song I’ll Be Waiting.
I’ve just watched a short piece of Show Me Your Soul and quited. I can’t watch Diddy AND Pharell AND Lenny like that…..brrrrr…..can’t explain it really…..especially Diddy….

Kpriss, you’re amazing with you music choices and info. I make a deep bow here for you lady.
Thanks for your pieces and you S/S 2010 show summer choices which I’ve enjoyed so much since I’m a bit overwhelmed by ALL these shows you’ve inspired me and so did the commenters to watch more S/S 2010 shows, no not as marathon, day by day until Spring is near.
The festive Winter days are coming up and the Canadians started it off with their Thanksgiving Day, so a happy day to the citizens of Canada.
Have a nice weekend all and Let Love Rule :)

#2 Ellington on 10.10.09 at 9:17 am

Nice choice of song Kpriss. I like Lenny Kravitz.
Thanks for a good blog week, thanks Adriana for the kind message. Thanks for being my virtual buds!
Happy Thanksgiving to those of us who are Canadian and to those of us who are not!

Hugs, Smiles and Blessings!

Ellington :)

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