Behold The New Living Cells Doll!

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This isn’t your regular fashion/style article, you’re right, it’s just another one of those Easy Like Sunday Moments!

Only this time, it’s one that should make us stop and think for a moment. Think about where we’re headed with this kind of technology in our hands!

At the University of Tokyo, researchers from the Institute of Industrial Science have created a doll composed of living cells! The doll is only 5 millimeters tall, but the achievement is nonetheless gigantic!

The formation was molded in a doll shape and it’s made of 100,000 cell capsules (balls of collagen coated with skin cells). It can be mold in any other shape and it’s a possible breakthrough in creating regenerative medicine.

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Living cell capsules doll

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#1 Ellington on 01.26.09 at 10:30 pm

Wow a Phillip K. Dick novel come to life!
It looks like a gummie person!

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