Puma Gold Medallion Bags And Olympic Ring Bags

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It’s that time once every four years! The Olympics have taken a glorious start (I don’t know about you, but I still think about that exquisite opening ceremony!). So now the competition is officially started, the race for the golden medal is a go. But you can have your own gold medallion…

…bag! It’s an interesting concept used by Puma. A Medallion shaped bag designed by George Omerod (a student designer) retailing for $49(the small one)-$79 could be the answer to your athletic dreams over night.(more after the jump)

Puma Olympic Gold Medallion Bag

Remember that Gucci Olympics themed design, well the games fever have taken over the design world and this was only an example. And the Puma Medallion bags are pretty surprising because they unzip on the side and create a larger bag. Or course if you don’t like to take the winner’s part, you can always go for one of the Olympic-ring-bags. Designed by Sander Lak and available for $300. Fashion aside, did you ever dreamed about winning a golden medal in an athletic competition?

Puma Olympic Ring Bag
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#1 Dolly Bird on 08.09.08 at 3:35 pm

They’re quite nice and affordable although I’d think twice about the $300 ones.Of course I’ve imagined winning an olympic medal.LOL!As a marathon runner struggles and falls and is cheered on by the stadium crowd and billions of TV watcher who’d cheer me on as I drop and crawl completely exhausted from the marathon but finally arrive crawling past the winning line.Then Roger Federer would run to me and give me mouth to mouth.(Fortunately I chewed on gum along the way)!

#2 Ellington on 08.10.08 at 11:56 am

I think that they are cute bags!
I like your Olympic Gold story Dolly Bird but for me the event I would win would be Beach Volley ball and Rafa Nadal would be the one giving me mouth to mouth! : )
I chose beach volley ball because I want to look good when I win!
Oh YES Kpriss the opening ceremonies were breathtaking!
I was in awe and moved to tears of joy by the beauty and artistry of it!
It would have been fabu to see it live! I don’t think any other country could ever top it!

#3 kpriss on 08.12.08 at 5:31 am

My ladies, you made my day! Every time I’ll play tennis, I’ll think of you! (nothing to do with Federer or Nadal.. I’m a rookie and I only play with my dearest husband)

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