Bullfight In Armani Style!

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I’ve always been fascinated and appalled by bullfights. It’s not smart to mess with traditions, but I still think it’s a secretly sadistic event.

Cayetano Rivera Ordoñez shall wear Armani to face the bulls in the LII’Corrida Goyesca, on September 6, in Spain. The Ordoñez are no strangers to design bullfighting outfits, since Pablo Picasso sketched for Antonio, Cayetano’s grandfather. The Armani costume is heavily blinged – sequins, glitter stones and thread in the fabric’s nuance. All I can think is Madonna’s Take a Bow feat Pimp My Ride sequins edition. What’s all that sequins and stones work supposed to do? Blind the bulls?

Armani Cayetano Ordonez Costumes Bullfighting
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#1 Ellington on 08.11.08 at 6:14 pm

I thought of Madonna’s Take a Bow video (which I find to be an insipid song)too. It also makes me think of Ava Gardener and her love affair with a Bullfighter.
It is a gross sport steeped in tradition, I am not a fan, but I do find the outfits that the matadors wear fascinating they combine a sparkly “Liberaceness” with a very macho sport, I like the dichotomy.
Oh and I think that the sequins will only vex the bulls.

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