Sarah Jessica Parker Jewelry Rampage At Point Foundation Benefit

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It’s beyond any doubt that the SATC girls were under severe stylist advising for the Point Foundation Benefit at Capitale – they look so “matched” in their individual outfits, it’s high-school-ish.

The only thing I can’t get my eyes from is the jewelry spree Sarah Jessica Parker was on. If I’m counting right, there’s at least 3 necklaces adorning her dress. All different. Not long ago, I said she was reinstating the pearl-strand in pole trend position. Now I’m compelled to say that she’s bringing all her jewelry case into attention, see if we can pick. I can’t pick. I can’t even look at all that necklace salad.

Sarah Jessica Parker and the SATC girls at Point Foundation Benefit

Did you went further than two necklaces at once? I admit, I went further because I wanted a certain effect and the strand was very slick, I had to put on three, but identical, you wouldn’t have guess it unless you knew different. But few different necklaces at once, no. Have you? It works?
(photos celebutopia)

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