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Converse By Givenchy
Though it’s only available in Japan, the new limited edition of Converse by Givenchy sneakers is one piece of (fashion)work. First because it’s about Converse,... Read More

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Converse By Marimekko Sneakers Collection
It’s been a while since our last Converse discussion, hasn’t it? Well, today it’s a big day since we’ll get to talk about Converse. They... Read More

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Converse Chucks To Say I Do
There’s nothing like a good Converse piece of news! Take the following image, for instance! Someone out there was bold and crafty enough to pull... Read More

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New Converse By Sneakersnstuff
You thought I’d miss a good Converse collaboration? No way! However, I have to warn you Converse fans out there that this particular pair doesn’t... Read More

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Damien Hirst Love Converse Sneakers
Remember what I said yesterday in that comfy shoes plea? That I once went through hell and back wearing a pair of peep toe pumps.... Read More

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Uno De 50 Converse Sneakers
You thought bicycling was the new Converse? Well, not really – Converse is back! With a new collaboration: Converse and Uno de 50, a Spanish... Read More

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New Missoni Converse Sneakers Fall 2010
Missoni must have been receiving good signals for their Converse collaboration for here they are with yet another design for the Fall 2010 season. If... Read More

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More Amazing Tattoos
As the days go by, my eyes feel the unique pleasure of seeing some pretty outstanding ink works. It’s almost sartorial, since you can always... Read More

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