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Louis Vuitton 1001 Nights Jewelry Collection
I promise you, more I look at this collection (especially the $ 725 bracelet), I get the feeling it’s a kitsch. Why? Because it looks... Read More

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Missoni Stellar Necklace and Bracelet
Brilliant accessories are hard to find. And even harder to imagine. The proof in pictures: Missoni’s necklace and bracelet are truly impressive, unique pieces of... Read More

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Martin Margiela Line 11 Silver Interlocking Ring And Bracelet
I normally love a good rough work. A jewelry detail making the difference is always to prefer when needing that extra personal touch to one’s... Read More

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Promo Preview Style Pencil Promo Bracelet
It may not be the fanciest, but it surely is one interesting piece of jewelry. Made by Promo Preview Style designers, the Pencil Promo is... Read More

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$ 6,892 Kara Ross Zebra Wood Cuff Bracelet! Wait, What?
It’s not for its breathtaking beauty (or brains for the matter!) but for its environmental values that I absolutely have to have this cuff! It’s... Read More

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New Scissor Cuff From Toy Me
We live dangerous times. Paris designer Thomas Jaillot together with Marco De Michelis will introduce a Silver Scissor that wraps around your wrist and mixes... Read More

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Christmas Present of The Day – $4.850 Fashionista Charm Bliss
What can you get for $4.500? This time only: 3 handbags, one pump, one sandal and one golden chain to gather them all! The Fashionista... Read More

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