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Short Weekend Animation Bake A Cake By Alexandre Dubosc
I was thinking about baking something earlier.. So I was looking around for a good, tasty, mouthwatering recipe to make. What I found instead? This... Read More

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Short Hump Day Animation
Now for your video fix I hereby serve you one of those lovely short animations out there. Made by Arjen Klaverstijn from the Utrecht School... Read More

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Yum Yum Parking. There’s No Other Like It!
How are you holding up after the long weekend? How about if you and me rounded up for a chocolate party? Eh? Hot chocolate, chocolate... Read More

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Quick Animation Moment The Monk And The Monkey
Now let’s take a moment and breathe. That bad case of the Mondays is off now, you’re already a step closer to the weekend. Also... Read More

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Spots Vs. Stripes. The Cadbury Game
What do you think? Spots or stripes? Before anything, please check out the following short animation film. It’s fantastic, it’s funny, it’s sport-ish. And all... Read More

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Granny Ogrimm Sleeping Beauty Short Animation
Missed it? The short animation passionate in me has dug up for some goodies and here’s what I found: Granny Ogrimm’s Sleeping Beauty! It’s a... Read More

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Zero 7 Destiny And Mr McGee
I’m such a funk addicted deep down in my heart. And I seem to have a weakness for weird music. I remember my Massive Attack... Read More

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Paper Plane Short Animation
The following Paper Plane short animation is the handy work of a student (Margherita Premuroso). And what seems to us like a very short minute,... Read More

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