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Swarovski City Park Short Animation
There’s advertising and then there’s advertising. While I may not be a devoted fan of crystal miniature animals, I do feel my heart in a... Read More

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Tim Burton’s 9
In my undeniably crushing passion for animated movies, I came across a tiny piece of wonder called 9 (Nine). It’s produced by Tim Burton and... Read More

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M Belleville Rendez – Vous
You already know I’m an openly declared fan of animation movies. Also, a small detail: my husband loves European movies. Take the two and you’ve... Read More

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Tim Burton’s Short Animation
Starting November 22, MoMa will host a special Tim Burton retrospective. A l’occasion, Tim Burton has directed a short animation movie for promotional purposes only.... Read More

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Urban Landscape, Japanese Style!
Something tells me they will not stop here! The city of Kobe, Japan, just honorably received/unveiled a new honorary citizen in their urban landscape: Gigantor.... Read More

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Toy Story Tattoo Vs Up Tattoo
While feeling all happy because this isn’t another one of those Twilight tattoos articles, I’m also confused about the way media is sneaking under our... Read More

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Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
You know I can’t refuse myself a good animation movie! And sharing this with you makes my heart jump with joy! Cloudy With a Chance... Read More

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Stop Motion Animation Break Worms
Since I told you it was going to be a sequel to our beloved Friday Break, here I go, keeping my promise with a new... Read More

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