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Remember those shadows we were wondering about in the Linda Evangelista’s ad prints from the f-w 08-09 Prada campaign? Problem solved! Here to present the... Read More

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If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Monsters Inc, then it’s something you should absolutely remedy in no time! It’s my favorite animation ever.... Read More

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Wallace, Gromit And Lady Campanula Tottington Models For Harvey Nichols
If Hello Kitty can model Dior, than Wallace and Gromit can surely model for Harvey Nichols. And to be honest, I’m beginning to like fashion... Read More

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Ever felt that the world is not singing to your tune and you’re not dancing to its song? Have you ever felt misplaced? (if you’ve... Read More

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I just love animations with a message. It works for the children but especially for the grownups. Yesterday I finally saw Kung Fu Panda and... Read More

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