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Christina Ricci Blackbook Photos
Blackbook Magazine serves us a fierce-looking Christina Ricci in the May Design Issue. Looking at the pictures couldn’t decide myself if she’s intentionally similar to... Read More

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Kate Moss Is Glamour’s Best Dressed
Agyness who? The uberpresent Kate Moss tops Glamour’s Best Dressed Readers voted List. We’re all going rock’n’drug! I imagine they won’t go for Britney (she... Read More

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Eva Longoria Advertises for Skimpies
I guess the Writers Guild strike made life hard to live for anyone in the movie business, not only in fashion industry. I remember Eva... Read More

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Celine Dion Manages a Titanic Appearance for a Press Conference
Some people just don’t know when to stop. Titanic’s wreck lies at the bottom of the ocean from quite some time now, why don’t give... Read More

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$500.000 Sparkling Christmas Tree
We started with the $1.8 million Diamond Christmas Tree and we’re not stopping! Steve Quick, the jeweler, just created a five pounds solid 18K gold... Read More

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Playstation Gets the Bling Touch
Imagine that you’re Missy Elliot. And your friends came over for a video game (why not? Celebrities do have weird occupations). Wouldn’t you like to... Read More

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The Breil Weil Dilemma
Since someone has problems with justice and it’s getting sued for several millions dollars, you’d say he wouldn’t get even in hundreds miles of range... Read More

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