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Tattoos – The Remedy For Baldness
At least as far as Jamie Foxx is concerned, his retrieving hairline can be hidden under a thick layer of ink. The actor was recently... Read More

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Extreme Face Makeover
This is a non-altered image of a young man. As far as we know, this hasn’t been touched in any way (photoshop-wise) and the young... Read More

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Socks With Sandals For Men
Ever since it started, I tried to look beyond the dorkyness of wearing socks with shoes or sandals. For us, women. Because there’s something girl-ish... Read More

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Would You Pay $900,000 For A Suit?
It’s a tricky question in times like these, I know. However, the worldwide economic crisis didn’t stop Stuart Hughes and Richard Jewels from spending 600... Read More

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Mocassins 2011 It Shoes
It’s always good to have a fashion tip or two for the next season. Just in case we happen to find the good trends in... Read More

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Men Fashion In Munich, Germany
You know we’ve seen this before. Kind of. With Thom Browne and his men skirts suits. We’ve seen it in Marc Jacobs, a couple of... Read More

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Pink Jewelled Socks By Vivienne Westwood Man
We’ve talked about socks and sandals a couple of times before. Looking back now (especially in Father’s Day perspective), it was pretty unfair since every... Read More

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Josh Holloway, The Lost Sawyer’s Men’s Health June 2010
It’s been quite some time since our last Man of Style. Since you haven’t made a specific request, I’m taking the liberty to bring you... Read More

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