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Hermes Ties Travel Bag For Very Stylish Men
I really think this is just the natural progression of luxury things. Hermes launched a Ties Only travel bag, a special shaped suitcase for your... Read More

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Street Style. Men Style
Just like you, I make my street style fill almost every day. And just like you, I have a varied palette of streets I like... Read More

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Tarantino’s Signature Style
Regardless of what your favorite movie is, Tarantino’s load of cinematographic clichés is what makes a true Tarantino! (and what better topic for the 1st... Read More

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Fashionable Salad
I may not know too many things about avant-garde fashion, but I surely know few things about salads! Just enough to make me nail one... Read More

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Igor Dewe’s Performing Fashion Act
Since we’re pinned another fashion interest on our fashweirdness radar, let us not deprive ourselves from the aesthetics joys of seeing Mr Igor Dewe’s inspiration... Read More

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I Am A Very Stylish Man!
In my book that’s what I call absolute craziness, border-less, beyond lolz and any rhetoric, beyond trends, economy and climate change, this, my lovelies, this... Read More

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Where Is Joaquin Phoenix?
We all know and (at least in what concerns me) felt the terror of losing Joaquin Phoenix for some rap coma he seemed to have... Read More

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Viggo Mortensen’s Road
What do we really know about our heroes? And where do we find our heroes? What do they embody for us? Viggo Mortensen never thought... Read More

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