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Why Rachel Zoe Ditched Brad Goreski
With his new flamboyant preppy look, mr Brad Goreski was obviously in danger to outshine Rachel Zoe from her very own Rachel Zoe project. Thus,... Read More

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Charlize Theron, Orlando Bloom Ads For Uniqlo
Uniqlo – worn by Charlize Theron, made for all! As Orlando Bloom puts it, over and over: they’re affordable, they’re really good quality clothes. And... Read More

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Lenny Kravitz Wearing Rick Owens
I’m a little reticent when it comes to men wearing lipstick and / or other typically feminine clothing & more articles. Does that make me... Read More

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Baptiste Giabiconi’s Showtime
How familiar are you with Daft Punk? Because as of right now I believe Baptiste Giabiconi is one of the Daft Punks! To paraphrase the... Read More

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What Men Know About Fashion
Now did you ever asked yourself that? You or / and your man? It’s tricky one, I promise! Here’s the proof: they conducted a study... Read More

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Jesus Luz Does Vs Magazine
As much as I love Vs. Magazine, I have to keep my honest self above everything else and keep the objectivity path when pointing towards... Read More

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Christian Louboutin Sneakers Fall Winter 2010 2011
While dreaming about spring fashion and the new Fashion Week season that’s sweeping the fashindustry shores as we speak, take a look at some fall... Read More

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Matthew McConaughey Is Dolce And Gabbana’s The One Gentleman. Ad Campaign
Has anyone seen anything recent with Matthew McConaughey? A movie, I mean? I’m a simple girl and I love simple romantic comedies. The last I’ve... Read More

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