Jesus Luz Does Vs Magazine

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As much as I love Vs. Magazine, I have to keep my honest self above everything else and keep the objectivity path when pointing towards a certain topic. We talked about Vs. and their latest issue not long ago. What you have not seen in those preview images was that Jesus Luz is also part of this issue.

He’s there, yes, he is! His Jorgen Ringstrand – signed pictorial looks like what you’ll see below and after the jump and there’s also a video available on the Vs. website, a behind the scenes video of the actual photo shooting. Now let’s talk Jesus.

Jesus Luz Vs Magazine fall 2010

The mere fact that he tattooed his name on his back doesn’t seem a bit bizarre to you? It’s obviously not because he wants to see his own name in the mirror in case he forgets it, it’s on his back, for others to read it and know that he is Jesus Luz. The mighty! The trouble is I only heard about him because of Madonna and him being her toyboy. So he should have written Jesus Luz property of Madonna. 100 % more romantic! (not. Actually. But it would have made a fun read.)

Jesus Luz Vs Magazine image

Now I imagine some of you look at Jesus and see an undeniable proof of masculine eyecandy. I hope you enjoy the images, though blurred, they’re much more artistic and intriguing than the physical reality of Jesus Luz himself. Who, you’ll judge for yourself from the video (please, do click away here and give it a glance), is pretty high on himself. Funny thing to watch, eh?

Jesus Luz Vs Magazine pictorial

Jesus Luz Vs Magazine photo

Jesus Luz Vs Magazine

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#1 Adriana on 09.17.10 at 2:59 am

I believe he had his name tattooed on his back before he was Madonna’s ‘toyboy’? Or ‘property’? I’ve seen more bizarre tattoos. As for his posing, he’s pretty and he knows it. He’s not the only one. And someone needs to love themselves to get off in front of a camera right?

I’ve a bit of trouble that when women date younger men, though this is a extreme age gap, people are so critical. No one cares or calls a young girl a men’s ‘toygirl’ when there’s this age gap. Noooo, usually they are called a glamorous couple. That ain’t fair!

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