Fashionable Biodegradable Tattoo

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biodegradable tattoo ink Seems that we’re taking things to another level with a company that produces biodegradable ink! We won’t get into details, just know this: if you totally crack this Christmas for a Chanel Bag and chose to tattoo yourself with the Chanel logo and by spring you change your mind and absolutely-completely go mad about um.. say…. Versace Bag, you’ll have less trouble laser-erasing your tattoo if it was made using biodegradable ink! (and we didn’t mention what could happen if you chose to get a Las Vegas wedding and find a 3-day marriage experience-enough for you! Imagine Brad Pitt’s face if he was forced to wake up every morning with one lovely Angelina Jolie-got-Billy-Bob-Thornton-on-my-skin).

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