Carine Roitfeld & Karl Lagerfeld Book: The Little Black Jacket

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For Carine Roitfeld, a book and a fashion magazine story are pretty much the same thing. And she corrupted Karl Lagerfeld with her way of thinking and doing things as their book project, “The Little Black Jacket” will see the light of bookstores this fall.

The Little Black Jacket seems to be the story of… well, the story of a black jacket! With images of various famous people wearing a Chanel black jacket. In other words, people, it’s advertising! Pure, simple advertising! I can’t wait to see Carine doing a book with, say, Converse, about “The little red shoes”. I’m sure it’ll be a sellout! (however, I don’t know if it’ll be as interesting as the Chanel project where she got to play Coco herself!)

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