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Emma Watson By Patrick Demarchelier For Vanity Fair

The white Burberry she had on for the Met Gala 2010 is still fresh in our memory and it looks like we’ll have to get over it pretty soon: Emma Watson was photographed by Patrick Demarchelier for Vanity Fair.

Judging by the preview photo, it’ll be a nice, warm pictorial, which you can guess more from the behind-the-scenes video (right after the jump). In short – Emma talks about being just like Hermione while growing up and experiencing her new Brown University life. A normal life, she said. All I have to say this time is kudos to her for staying out of trouble and being discreet and charmingly normal. But what do we know, after all?

Emma Watson Vanity Fair June 2010

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Burberry’s April Showers 2010 Collection

Putting together Burberry and rainy days makes just as much sense as associating Burberry with the tartan print. Thus, Burberry’s April Showers collection is as natural as the actual April Showers.

Colorful, waterproof (said to be), young and appealing, Burberry’s April Showers Collection is comprised of polo tees, trenches, dresses, vests, umbrellas and bags, anything to keep you dry and happy under the pouring rain. The only thing is that you’ll have to count $200 to $800 for simple items like the umbrella or the large tote. Too bad for Burberry if you ask me! I just love how my hair looks after a short rain shower! Minus the expenses! (more images and a video right after the jump!) (via)

Burberry April Showers collection 2010

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Burberry Children Collection Campaign

Missing the good old Burberry ad campaign? Though I will be talking about Burberry and advertising, I’ll completely and totally forget about Emma Watson, focusing on Burberry’s kids collection.

Yep, wouldn’t you love some Burberry in your posh baby’s wardrobe? Just look at these images and tell me you wouldn’t! (I know you recognize the format, and yes, it’s pretty much the same one used in the infamous Emma Watson campaign. With splashes and prints, to make it more kid-friendly – hit the jump to see more!). Oh, Burberry! How I love thee!

Burberry Children campaign

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Emma Watson’s Teen Vogue August 2009

Emma Watson makes it though another magazine cover: this time it’s Vogue! Teen Vogue, but Vogue nevertheless! She’s the August 2009 cover girl, under the code “Emma Enchanted”.

Oh, I know (at least) our dear friend Ellington’s gonna believe I couldn’t resist the temptation! (I honestly tried, I did! I spent four days contemplating these pictures and asking if they’re relevant! That’s gotta count for something, right?) (the story continues with more pictures and a video right after the jump!)

Emma Watson Teen Vogue August 2009 cover

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Burberry AW 2009 2010 Ad Campaign Behind The Scenes

Christopher Bailey talking you through Burberry’s latest Fall Winter 2009 2019 ad campaign is really something you can’t miss!

Scenes from the campaign photo shoot (by Mario Testino, biensur) and a pretty nervous Emma Watson talking about her grandmother’s enthusiasm over Emma’s Burberry campaign! So delightfully insightful! I may not have had a grannie who was wearing Burberry since “forever”, but I sure would like to have a serious case of Burberry-wardrobe! Christopher Bailey is a magician, really! (via)


Emma Watson Does Spanish Seventeen July 2009

Since I already made my coming out as a Watson fan (not so much, really, but I do like her), this doesn’t come as a surprise: Emma Watson covers the Spanish edition of Seventeen. I highly doubt she really posed for this issue (so these must be just portfolio pictures) but even so, it’s interesting (for the debate we just had) to know what’s on her mind and how the world looks through her eyes.

Coming from a lawyers/academics family, Emma admitted to not knowing who Gary Oldman was (is that really possible?) but catching up with that cinematic education and viewing thousands (?) of movies! (the story continues right after the jump!)

Emma Watson Spanish Seventeen July 2009 cover

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Emma Watson’s Interview May 2009

Emma Watson Does Interview Magazine May 2009. Just how surprising is that? She has a new Harry Potter in the works, she just slouched through her 19th birthday, Emma Watson is a certified media attraction.

Coveted by fashion houses (she’s even rumored to be next season’s Burberry face) and high profile designers, Emma Watson’s Interview cover photo, signed by Nick Knight has so many pros and cons working that I can’t decide if it’s a good or bad one.

I love her low-makeup but I’m unsure about her open mouth (this picture reminds me of The Silence of the Lambs movie poster…). Hopefully, hiQ pictures will be soon available, plus the inside goodies with Emma’s Interview so I can make up my mind. What about you so far? More on the good or the bad cover side? (photo via tfs)

Emma Watson Interview May 2009 cover


Emma Watson’s Dress For The Tale Of Despereaux LA Premiere

Let’s think about this for a minute – you’re a bright, straight-A, gorgeous young woman. All lenses upon you when you show up somewhere. Anywhere. You have a movie to promote. Animation. For children, mainly. What do you put on?

Emma Watson’s answer to that was a mini blue dress with sheer arms, no back, with corset. Matching that daring dress with a pair of semi gladiator high heels sandals (looking mighty cheap, I’d say) she was almost saying “look at me, I’m young, gorgeous, self absorbed and I don’t care what you all think, I might as well show it all!”. And the news associate the blue mini dress pictures (who signs that dress, anyway? I kinda miss her Burberry days!) with her talking about taking all her clothes off in a movie. In the right movie… What movie would that be, if she’s showing us (almost) everything for an animated movie premiere? (photos via celebutopia)

Emma Watson Tale of Despereaux premiere LA