Christoph Waltz, Ben Whishaw, Ezra Miller In Prada Fall 2013 Ad Campaign

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When it comes to vision and artistic approach, you have to agree that Miuccia Prada makes for the most interesting perspectives on fashion and style in general. Her Fall 2013 Men Ad Campaign features yet again famous men we see and admire in our daily entertainment routine: Christoph Waltz, Ben Whishaw and Ezra Miller.

The chromatic of the setting and the sober, almost strict approach of the styling with a little help from David Sims cameras point towards a successful, steady marketing approach. The clothes are very wearable and pleasantly fashionable without being too much or too complicated, as usually, Prada’s aesthetic is a very oriented one, strong and with a clear, precise trajectory and target.

Ben Whishaw Ezra Miller Christoph Waltz Prada Fall 2013

I’m loving the color infusions – a little crimson her, a dash of blue there, and, most of all, I’m appreciating the simplicity of the entire visual approach. Goes rather well with Christoph Waltz strength and wit. Almost like you’d know there’s more underneath this simplicity, like this would only be a façade for something more, something playful yet steady, something joyful yet militant.

Christoph Waltz Prada Fall 2013 ad campaign

Like, for instance, choosing a German actor, an English actor and an American actor to demonstrate the universality of one’s collection (one of which is a self-described ‘queer’ in his early twenties and the other an Austrian actor who became Hollywood’s prodigy in is late fifties).

Ezra Miller Prada Fall 2013 Ad Campaign

But then again, it’s just a fashion ad campaign. One of the many…

Ben Whishaw Prada Fall 2013 ad campaign

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