How To Apply Fake Lashes. Great How To With Lauren Conrad

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Every time I ventured into fake lashes territory, wanting to dazzles a pair of them endless beauties on me own lashes, I was stuck in the middle – lashes on one hand, glue on the other, not knowing what and how exactly I’d get from there to those shboom lashbeauties I see in magazines! Now I think I have it all figured out thanks to this really helpful video guide!

It takes you through every step of the process, teaching you how to get from your normal look to an over the top eye gorgeousness state with the help of them precious fake eyelashes! I have to say, I’m actually impressed by Lauren Conrad and her involvement in this Beauty department venture! It keeps growing on me, with every how – to! Come on, press play and tell me it’s not helpful? (I really had no idea I was supposed to let that glue wait for 2 minutes before applying it! Did you?)


#1 Pikanteria on 10.23.11 at 4:30 am

As a matter of fact a knew you had to wait for glue to get sticky… but you know how it is when you do nothing else than wait … 30 sec seems to be a life time. So… thank You for the making me watch Lauren doing her lashes. I’ll use timer this evening. And luckily this time I will not end up screaming at my over prized Kryolan glue. (If that 2 min trick will work, I’ll change my opinion on that glue) :)

#2 kpriss on 10.24.11 at 5:49 am

so? did it work? Please tell me it did so I can run to the beauty store and get me a respectable box of fake lashes and the glue that goes with it!

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