Heidi Klum Jeweled Face For Haunted Holiday Party

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Heidi Klum finally had her Halloween party this year. Postponed last month because of hurricane Sandy, the party transformed into a Haunted Holiday themed party, because Heidi wouldn’t miss her trademark Halloween fun. Especially when she’s going through all that costume – trouble every year!

We knew that she was going as golden Cleopatra. But what we didn’t know (and probably didn’t anticipate either) is that Heidi Klum covered her face in shiny sparkling rhinestones for the occasion! I sure hope she had some reliable glue for that, we wouldn’t want her face to come off, sparkle by sparkle…

Heidi Klum bejeweled face Cleopatra costume

Heidi KlumCleopatra costume Haunted Holiday Party

rhinestones on your face Heidi Klum

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#1 Ellington on 12.03.12 at 11:48 am

Heidi has a good sense of fun! I really like that she puts effort into her costumes!
It makes me wonder what she does for her kids? :)

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