Will You Buy Will I Am’s $478 iPhone Case?

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Will I Am is keen on exploiting the Holiday Spirit into his commercial advantage. He’s launching a special iPhone case at Selfridges next month with a $478 price tag!

The smart case comes with a sliding keyboard and a special camera accessory turning the 8megapixel camera into a 14megapixel camera. There’s also a more affordable version available for $315. End of yet another Fashion Hotshots vs Fashion Fools report!

will I am luxury iPhone case

It’s amazing to see what a gifted musician Will.I.Am is and how he translated all that talent and possibility into a very strange gadget. Which, I’m certain, he was most enthusiast about, as not only he proposed a case for the iPhone but also an associated social free app which would enable users to upload and share their pictures.

The ones taken with the $500 case, biensur.

Will I Am Phone case white

Exclusively sold through Selfridges UK, the case was far from being successful as also judged from a presentation below. Actually it proved to be so uninteresting that Selfridges doesn’t carry it any longer and there’s no other mention of the super-oh-so-fashionable case on the interwebs or on Will.I.Am’s website…

… why would that be?

Will I Am phone case black

Will I Am promoting his new phone gadget

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