Quality Bag Must: Hard Graft Bags

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What can and must one do following a good, heartfelt dinner? Browse the internet for amazing finds, products that’ll make you proud just wearing them. Products made by people who believe in something. Something else other than increasing their financial revenue by cutting back on quality and fabrication exigencies. (I’ll probably get back and have that ‘talk’. One day.)

I came across Hard Graf. And I love them. I love their story, I love their love for creativity, their attention for detail and the passion they obviously put into their products! Below are just three of their many signature items I’d love to carry and take care of personally – wink – if you catch my drift! More images to convince you, right after the jump! (or hit the gallery, here!) Hermes who? (wink)

gorgeous tan leather bag

great quality and design old fashioned bag Hard Graft

great shopper bag Hard Graft

shopper bag Hard Graft quality handbag detail Hard Graft Hard Graft bags

transformable Hard Graft bag Hard Graft bag gorgeous messenger bag Hard Graft

old fashioned Hard Graft bag great shoulder bag tan gray Hard Graft

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