Joan Smalls On Fire For Victoria’s Secret 2012 Fashion Show

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One of my favorite models got to walk this year’s Victoria’s Secret 2012 Fashion Show. And she looked far more relaxed than last year, let me tell you that! Which resulted in an enjoyable experience on our end as well.

Except: what in angels’ name was she wearing? Her ‘Circus’ outfit represented a tiger’s leap through circles of fire. Now, if I were to interpret every flame on that costume of hers, we’d be sitting here all day and all night, arguing the moral righteousness of her entire look.

So I guess I’ll just be sticking with her Silver Screen thingie, which, as simple as it was, had more class in one stitch than the entire tiger thing from the tip of flames to the teal toes! (take a closer look in the gallery, here) (images startracksphoto via)

Joan Smalls Victoria s Secret 2012 show outfits

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