Kanye West, Fine Fashion Lover Wears Scott Disick

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Even if you’re not following Kanye West’s adventures in Fashion Land, you may have seen him revolving around fashion matters every now and then. Or you may have heard about him styling his current girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

Anyway, even if you weren’t aware of the above, here’s the short version: Kanye West is a fashion designer in training who’s exercising his skills through Louis Vuitton sneakers and Giuseppe Zanotti (oddly uncomfortable) sandals. Also: he coupled up with reality TV star extraordinaire, Kim Kardashian and he’s (besides her fame booster, friend, boyfriend and so forth), her stylist. (hit the jump to read the rest of this fashionable drama…)

Kanye West suit label

Now. The Kardashians. Keeping up with them (wink) it’s going to be really hard, but the ultra short version is: Kim’s sister, Kourtney, has two kids with Scott Disick. Their couple is so strong that tabloid covers talk week after week about their separation and their sentimental misery. Noooow, wrapping up: Kim Kardashian is wearing Kanye West’s shoes. In response, Kanye West is wearing Scott Disick suits. Because, in Fame-ville, one marketing hand washes another…

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