Bond Girl Inspired Outfit: 007 Shades Of Gray & Camel

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My dahlings! We talked last week about James Bond and the latest installment of the 007 legend. And, most notably, about the Bond Girls. I had to peak into the trailers (and I read so many Bond titles lately – it’s hard to go blind when everyone’s talking 007) so now I feel like I already saw the movie!

Today I want to talk about one of the Bond Girls: Naomie Harris. I like her ever since she pirated alongside Johnny Depp, so it wouldn’t surprise me to like her just as much as a Bond girl. One of her outfits (at least what I could catch from the trailers) involves a camel jacket and a washed out pants number. Pretty much like what you’re seeing below.

So there goes my inspiration for today’s gray & camel outfit: Bond Girl Naomie Harris. Or Eve, like they call her in the Sam Mendes – directed movie. (as always, if you need exact details about the items in this set, you can always check them out freely here)

gray & camel

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