Robert Downey Jr. Singing Elton John’s I Want Love

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Talking about movies and gossip brought something in my mind, music – wise, that might be the perfect thing for this week’s break: Elton John’s I Want Love (2001). The music video is simple, artsy even: Robert Downey Jr. lip – synching to the song while walking around in this huuuuuge, empty mansion.

It’s actually pretty hard to imagine that this is the great and almighty Tony Stark, you know? But I do love the simplicity of the scenery, his casual (label – free) look and the overall message of the song & video directed by Sam Taylor – Wood (shot in the Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills, CA)


#1 Riana on 08.04.12 at 7:10 am

Awe, I love this……thank you :)

It’s suits the day here in the Netherlands the Gay Pride is today (I skip it since it was Pink Saturday here some weeks ago and Dutch tv honour besides Marilyn Monroe the gay community today: everybody deserves and wants the love suitable for them right?

Boycott Chicken Fillet!!! Idiots!! (Or what’s their name?) Sorry Kpriss my activist blood is boiling but it’s the love I want for the world in general.

It’s a great video. Well done.
Thanks for this Kpriss. A lot :*

#2 Riana on 08.04.12 at 7:22 am

Ten years ago gone by…this was my song and video. I did want the house too…I still want the house…..I ripped this video from Kazaa ;) :)

Sniff, sniff…..

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