Kristen Stewart Gets Counseling From Jodie Foster

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Have you seen The Beaver? I know it was an Oscar joke (remember they all said they didn’t watch it? But hey, even Johnny Depp said he didn’t watch The Tourist, so The Beaver it’s not in such bad company after all…) but still – have you?

I did. Because I’m an honest admirer of Jodie Foster’s work and I thought the movie deserved some credit for that reason alone. Need I remind you that Mel Gibson was starring in The Beaver? And that the movie came out after his tumultuous personal life made the rounds of the tabloids? Or that, during his work at The Beaver, he used to attend any official event with the actual puppet on his hand?

Long story short – The Beaver was a great movie to watch! You should try it if you haven’t already! Why The Beaver talk in a Robsten situation update? Well, because Kristen Stewart starred in Panic Room with Jodie, back when Kristen was just a child actor. And now, Jodie has rumoredly pushed Kristen out of hiding because: “it was no good moping around the house and that the sooner she faced the world and was seen in public, the quicker she can move on with her life.

Kristen Stewart helped by Jodie Foster

That’s what good friends do, don’t they? One more reason to love Jodie! (did you know that she wrote an entire article in Kristen’s defense? It’s really like a mother’s plea. Lovely! You can read it here.)

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