Fashionable Swimsuits: Russia’s Synchro Swimsuits Inspired By Miu Miu Print

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Today, while browsing the interwebs looking for something Olympics – related (because, you know, it’ll be over soon), I found the most fash – interesting piece over at the Frockwriter (where there’s always something nice to read).

What was it about? Well the Russian Olympics synchro swimmers costumes! Needless to say, synchro swimming is all around spectacular, without making it about fashion. However! The Russian team had these pretty doll faces prints on their swimsuits.

swimming team suits

Yes, we could always consider those in reference to the famous Matryoshka dolls. But what if they were heavily inspired by a certain Miu Miu print? Like, say, the one below? Not that we would have something to object, but it’s nice to know that sports & fashion go together like Matryoshka dolls. Umm.. yeah, something like that! (so what do you think, was this a case of copy – doll – cat?)

Russian Swimsuits copy Miu Miu print

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