Tatjana Patitz’ Great Escape In Vogue US August 2012

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It’s Sunday! That means we’re on to some family talk. And today I found a story about someone I used to like a lot back in the Supers days: Tatjana Patitz. She was one of my absolute favorites (alongside Christy Turlington), so it was a pleasure reading about her whereabouts (with a little help from the restless & passionate people at tFS).

Turns out Tatjana (46) is a single mother to a beautiful boy (8) and they’re both living the ranch life (20 – acre ranch) in California’s Santa Ynez Valley. Free and unbound, it really looks like the kind of place where you’d want to grow your kids. Riding horses or riding bikes, may the happy wind blow at their sails!

Tatjana Patitz living with her son on California ranch

However, I’d like to about what happened this week since it’s family talk. We all watch the lives and events of the famous people. Of those who entertain us. As such, we found out about Sylvester Stallone losing his eldest son, Sage (the circumstances of his death are still a mystery to the world, as both father and mother joined into asking the world privacy and respect). As if it wasn’t enough, Usher’s eldest (step)son also lost his life in a water-ski accident. Condolences to the grieving families!

But what about Aurora? How was that possible? The wild shooting at the screening of the latest Batman? One can’t do otherwise but remember Colombine and all the snappy people who, along the years, have found peace in taking other’s lives. Worse: one cannot help but think that Nolan’s Bat – trilogy was born under some dark constellation with all the unluck surrounding the actors (Heath Leger, anyone?). I’m shocked, ever since the Colorado Bat-shooting took place and I now feel insecure at the thought of going to the theater.

Tatjana Patitz and her son on California ranch

More so since the guy who is responsible for the Aurora mess (James Holmes) was, allegedly, a quiet guy, some said even brilliant in school. What could’ve pushed him to act like the “joker” and bring such pain and suffering to his peers? I have so many questions, so many things seem turned upside down that I just can’t silence myself any longer. I know some will go lifting their shoulders and say their concern is fashion and fashion issues only. I may have grown wiser with every child and there are days I just can’t stick my head in the pinterest sand and carry on carelessly.

Sure, I like to maintain a positive attitude and an optimistic tonus overall. But I’m also responsible for my kids’ wellbeing, their healthy upbringing and education. I know that if I were to think of all the wrongs going on in the world I wouldn’t find peace and my heart will always bleed. So how do you manage to find balance? How do you keep it together, how do you keep it positive in such a mad, mad world?

Tatjana Patitz and her son in Vogue by Peter Lindbergh

I was reading earlier that the Aurora shooter must have been influenced by video games. That if we dig deeper into his solitary lifestyle, we’ll find a dedicated virtual shooter. And that must’ve surely trained him for the upcoming tragedy. So let me see if I got this right: today a playstation, tomorrow a shotgun? Really, people? Wait, there’s more absurdity – I read the reaction of a politician who thought that the shooting could’ve been prevented with words of Jesus. Let me see if I get this straight too: reading the Bible out loud to a guy holding a machine gun will certainly bring him to his knees with tears of redemption in his eyes? And they say the shooter was delusional! We all are, at some point.

I said yesterday, in a desperate try to cool down my boiling blood, that we’re responsible for our happiness. Today, as I feel my blood’s temperature rising and my upset stomach roaring nervously, I’m getting back to that. I’m responsible for my own happiness. So are you! But what are we to do with those responsible with our unhappiness?

Tatjana Patitz and her son photographed for Vogue by Lindbergh

Tatjana Patitz and her son photographed by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue

Tatjana Patitz in Vogue

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#1 Riana on 07.23.12 at 9:09 am

You make it hard to thank you for Tatjana’s photoshoot whom I love as much as you dear Kpriss. But I do since we have to move on as well…….

Firstly I have to mention since I do not get this at all and never will get it: why could he buy all those weapons so easily? Why do Americans have free and easy access to that amount of weapons? Why won’t most of the Americans not give up their right to own weapons like that? When does this stop? The weapon industry rules our world too next to video-games and social-media and the banks of course and a small group of secretly very rich people.
We have become isolated due to all that. Lonely. We do not even talk on the phone any longer. We text one-liners. We speak in one-liners. So how do you notice these signals how someone gets totally off track in silence?
Why did a brilliant student end his study? Why? The guy looked very normal to me on photos. Could be my neighbour, could be yours.
What did upset me the most is that people does not learn from earlier events like this.
I also read that this young man was influenced by Anders Breivik the Norwegian Utøya killer. (The one year remembrance was last Friday.) Europe was as devastated last year as this happened in Norway. One of the most peaceful countries in the world where the royals peddles around like their own people. Without guardians!! The people of Norway learned from this massacre. As it seems more people have become members of political parties and other clubs and socialize together. Democracy did increase. The people learned a lesson. Hopes this remain and we all should learn from them.

But whom am I? I have not the wisdom to analyze this I am only an ordinary woman like so many out there. But I think some points are important: get rid of free access to weapons, be more social, not on the web but in real life. Watch the quiet ones, the loners. The loud mouths are a lot less dangerous in my experience.

And there is this other thing. This guy did not shoot himself after the killings. So apparently he loves the fame. I saw a video somewhere (got to find it) where a psychiatrist (I believe) exlpains how dangerous it is how the media goes on and on about this killer(s). The whole day on tv and everywhere are photos. He’s ‘famous’ now.
(I’m going to try and find it.)

The world is so very much out of balance as we all know or should know. So nothing surprise me really me anymore. It still does upset me since I see and feel aggression grow around me when I am out……
I won’t bother you further with all my other thoughts. All I can is feel for those who were there and those who lost loved ones. I am as helpless as the next person…….:(

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