Paparazzi Love Mila Kunis As The Dior Lady

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As much as the press is all over Mila Kunis (for her steamy get togethers with Ashton Kutcher), I doubt she’ll ever see something similar to what they put on scene for Miss Dior Fall Winter 2012 2013 Ad Campaign. Everything is so… Catherine Deneuve if you ask me…

And judging by how they’re trying to reiterate past generations success / clichés (going to see the new Spiderman is where I got this epiphany), it wouldn’t surprise me at all to know that they’re injecting past charms into the new generation. I love Mila, I do, I just think that it isn’t her in the scenes below. Watch the preview and tell me how you feel (and don’t be shy to tell me I’m overreacting! The sooner, the better – wink)

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