Mila Kunis Looks Tired On The Cover Of Elle UK August 2012

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We know the fall fashion is going to be dark and moody, but the fashion magazines getting closer to the fall editions keep losing their luster and their shine, leaning towards dusty, tired and sad.

Mila Kunis as photographed by Doug Inglish for the British edition of Elle magazine tries to be feminine and attractive a la Mad Men but doesn’t look like Mila anymore. She who always seems to full of life and extremely energetic now has the stamina of a stuffed teddy bear. Good stylists and editors shouldn’t work against their client. But hey, who am I to complain? Ah, yes, I forgot: I am the potential customer. The one who is supposed to buy their magazine, right? Well – this tired look I will never buy! (moving on)

Mila Kunis Elle UK cover

Mila Kunis Elle UK August 2012 cover

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