Louis Vuitton’s Polka Dots Yayoi Kusama Collection

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I’ll always be fascinated by how Marc Jacobs finds and defines his style. While he seems to be the complete opposite of exclusivist Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs’ keeps adding step after step on the pedestal of his popularity. His name only goes up and his designs only go off of the racks. I think.

Or at least that’s what he’s aiming to do with every collection. Now he’s into some polka dots craze and because he wasn’t convincing enough on his own, he engaged 83yo Yayoi Kusama, an eminent Japanese artist, in his fashion endeavors.

Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton dots

She who described her art as a pursuit of “art in order to correct the disability with began in my childhood” (more about that here) and whose home by choice is in a psychiatric hospital (since 1977) is now a fashion maven, all because of Marc Jacobs.

Louis Vuitton polka dots dress with Yayoi Kusama Now either he knows how to spot (pun intended) gold in the mud, either he tries to convince us that mud is gold. You tell me…

(because as far as Marc Jacobs goes, if you’ll watch the video, doing a collection with Yayoi Kusama was almost like a karma thing – a match made in fashion heaven, somewhere where dynamic and vibrant collide in an endless ocean of dots. Dots… dots…)

Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama dots collection Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama collection dress Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama collection black and white

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